Artworks by Andrew Kinsman

Andrew Kinsman

Artist and musician Andrew Kinsman sold his first piece of artwork at the age of 12 and in the intervening years has not only painted commissions for celebrities and royalty but has also performed with English Rock Band Kasabian and recorded soundtracks and albums with Noel Gallagher. What an incredible CV!

From a young age, Andrew drew inspiration from a collection of books his parents owned called 'Great Artists'. Within this collection, he was drawn to landscape painting – particularly to works by English Romanticist painters John Constable and J.M.W. Turner. He also became interested in the use of symbolism and the incorporation of mythology used by the Pre-Raphaelites and the Aesthetes of the 19th century. As his art progressed and his technique became more refined, Andrew focussed on the 17th century Dutch School where he discovered a profound appreciation for intense colour palettes, the capture of drama, and the realism associated with – and accomplished by – the Dutch Masters.

Andrew had his first major exhibition at The Victoria Art Gallery in Bath, aged 21 but at 25 years old, he abandoned art to focus solely on music and for several years concentrated on developing his musical talent and knowledge. He began with the saxophone and would eventually learn to also play the clarinet, flute and piano. Working long hours on an assembly line in a factory, he would take his saxophone to work, turning the cold room into a practice studio during breaks. Eventually, he saved enough money to be able to leave the factory job and focus solely on playing. He toured as many music venues as possible, and graced stages and recording studios in Cyprus, Italy, and throughout the UK.

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