Artworks by Chris Pennock

Chris Pennock

Pontefract based artist Chris Pennock’s passion for adventure goes hand in hand with his creativity, the beauty of the landscape in the mountains or at sea are constantly varied, helping to inspire and fuel new ideas.
Chris is a keen sea kayaker and from his perspective on the sea, he can observe the large beautiful skies and the ever-changing weather, in total contrast his mountain adventures whether snowboarding or mountain biking also inspires some great ideas. Both mountains and the sea are exciting but dangerous places that make him feel really alive and in touch with nature.

His focus is to create his own impressions of the subject by infusing texture and vibrant colours into his work. His work varies from moody seascapes and landscapes to vibrant flower meadows and his tree paintings which give him total freedom of expression, painted mostly oil or acrylic paint.

While out on his adventures either at sea or in the mountains or in a tranquil meadow the inspiration is endless, he feels totally humbled to be part of this beautiful fusion of work and pleasure, that comes across in his art.

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