Chris Sheldrake

Chris lives and works in Knaresborough, Yorkshire.

As a professional self-taught artist, the study of light, movement and atmosphere are among a few of the essential requirements I need to depict and create an expression of our changing world. I like to think my work is characterised by applying these elements, and exaggerating the subject a little to affect a distinctive style. Applying these changes to everyday situations, and allowing myself to use a little imagination provides me with the opportunity to try and create a visual impact!

My motivation is driven by conveying to the viewer a “Wow!” factor. I hope the viewer is enticed to use their imagination and search for the elusive reality in my paintings. I try to search out unusual scenes being lucky enough to have travelled around the world.

I work mainly from sketches and photographs and paint mostly from my studio. I paint on fairly large surfaces using oil, acrylic and watercolour.

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