Daisy Maison

Sisters Julie and Shelley are established and successful artist-designers who have been producing beautifully crafted artwork for almost 8 years. They work mainly with paper and card and are influenced by British Heritage and in particular three-dimensional subjects.

Their relationship and more importantly friendship, has been the foundation for pretty much everything in their lives and when they realised that they also happened to share the same creative dream. The initial idea came one day whilst trying to create something gorgeous for Julie’s eldest daughter Daisie to hang on her bedroom wall. They had to have a heart (Daisie’s favourite) and butterflies (another favourite) but couldn’t quite work out how to put the two together. Whilst experimenting on a sheet of paper the idea of making a 3D image of a heart with butterflies fluttering inside developed. They instantly loved it and started work on placing the heart filled with butterflies onto a canvas. The first piece they ever did is still hanging proudly in Daisie’s bedroom and although the prints, designs and frames have changed over time the concept and love that went into their first heart is still very much a part of everything they do.

Shelley and Julie still design and produce every piece from their studio in Lancashire and are extremely proud to fly the flag for British and handmade products.

Every piece in their collection is entirely handmade and guaranteed to have a little bit of wow and a whole lot of love.

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