Dominika Stawarz-Burska

Dominika Stawarz- Burska studied at the Faculty of Interior Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. She graduated with honours obtaining Rector’s Award for her diploma “Salt of Life”.
Her works were presented, among others, in the Museum of Technology in Warsaw (1999), the Palace of Fine Arts in Cracow (2000), Institut of Industrial Design in Warsaw (2000). In 2001 she received an honourable mention in the 8th edition of the Contest of Great Dreamers DYBY Expo 2001 in Gdansk.
She loves unreal huge canvases and small watercolours. As she says “I like to enter the world of dreams and then paint it”. Her works are full of imagination. The artist takes up a fairytale and enchanted topics which welcome us with their colours and compositions

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