Artworks by Emma Grzonkowski

Emma Grzonkowski

Emma Grzonkowski was brought up in a beautiful part of Cheshire where she spent hours endlessly lost in her own playful imagination, drawing and painting from ‘as young as she can remember being able to hold a pencil ’ Emma states. It was clear to Emma’s mother and father that she had a natural talent for art and it was something which was part of her ‘being’ and this need for her to create was always within her. They encouraged her to harness this love for art and her father, in particular, played a pivotal role, being creative himself encouraging Emma to thrive with her noticeably creative talents. Steven Grzonkowski, would often spend hours drawing pictures himself for Emma to copy. To which she would stick these drawings on her bedroom wall and would practice her own versions of them relentlessly until she got it just right. Emma continued to express her love for art through primary school and into secondary school and throughout it was clear to her teachers and her peers that she excelled in this field. So much so that in the subjects which she didn't particularly like such as Maths and Science she would spend the time in class drawing on the front of her exercise books instead.

In July 2019 Emma began her journey working independently for the first time away from a publisher since she was 21. This was a brave move for Emma but she felt it was essential move to make in order to grow as an artist in ways in which she could not do so under the constraints of a publisher.

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