Artworks by Gary John Jones

Gary John Jones

Gary John Jones describes himself as 'the street artist with a mild case of OCD'. If he didn't mind being arrested you would probably find his work tagged all over the UK. As a self-proclaimed Photoshop genius with a meticulous eye for detail, he manages to produce thought provoking work that can speak to generations. Inspired initially by the art of Da Vinci, Picasso, Monet and Caravaggio 

As a graduate of Liverpool John Moores Fine Art, he is no stranger to the competitive world of talented artists. With a background in retouching and professional photography, he is able to merge his passions together and give phenomenal accuracy and depth to his artwork. Concentrating on both the subject matter as well as the importance of framing and correct apertures his photorealist style is designed to make the viewer second glance, look and study more.

Arthouse Gallery is very excited to welcome Gary aboard and we feel his style and innovative approach to art will make him a very collectable artist ... so don't hang about these artworks are all produced in tiny numbers so once they are gone. that is it.

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