Artworks by Johnny Popkess

Johnny Popkess

Although he was born in London, Johnny didn’t stay there long. From early in his life he was on the move and moved around the African continent living in various places off the beaten track.

Growing up with this lifestyle had many benefits for the developing Popkess and he formed an attachment and deep appreciation for beauty in its truest form, its natural state of being; the beauty of a thing as it really is and not as it may be made to appear, free of illusion, and true.

His work is both inspired and influenced by the work of the French painter Gustave Caillebotte; an artist credited as being the first to celebrate the anonymity of his subject whilst blending the styles of impressionism and realism.

At his core, Popkess is a figurative artist with a passion for the human form. His portrayals of the body are intentional and direct, showcasing the human form as it should be seen; daring, unafraid and proud, not covered up and hidden by cliché or unoriginality.

Popkess had his debut as a professional artist in 2017 with his first solo exhibitions. Since then he has exhibited his art around the world with recent exhibitions held in Antwerp, Los Angeles and Boston and upcoming exhibitions in London, Miami and Florence.

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