Artworks by Kara Strachan

Kara Strachan

Kara Strachan was born in Southport in North West England in 1972. She is a self-taught artist and has painted and sketched since early childhood.

Since 2007 Kara has worked from her studio gallery from where she holds solo exhibitions, sells her paintings in the UK and overseas and runs regular painting workshops. When not in her studio gallery Kara designs and paints huge commercial 3D anamorphic artworks for multinational companies, educational establishments, local authorities and museums.
More recently Kara has been obsessed with capturing the romanticism of the sea in her paintings, feeling she is finding her roots again having once been a little girl on the sands of Southport beach.

Kara regularly travels the varied British coastline and interprets the mood and atmosphere of the sea and skylines, capturing this on canvas in vibrant acrylic paint. Her love of the British coastline, of woodlands and of flowers is interpreted through her bold atmospheric paintings.

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