Katy Jade Dobson


Katy Jade Dobson is a UK based artist working predominantly in oil paints.

Originally from Yorkshire, Katy spent her childhood feeding her love for art with a self-taught approach to drawing and painting. Pursuing art throughout her educated life through to the University of Lincoln where she currently resides, Katy applied her second love for wildlife and nature into her artistic ventures.

Katy is an independent artist known around the UK and internationally, with sell-out collections, and collectors from all around the world. Katy’s work balances on the ridge between parallels. This paradox is what brings clients to her sought after original paintings. Katy creates surrealist scenes of wildlife and nature blending between areas of calm and intermittent chaos. Using a traditional application for her work, with no digital intervention, Katy toes the line between being a contemporary artist, with old-world ways of producing her artwork.

Katy’s subjects amplify the natural world as you have never seen it, bringing together the bountiful nature of life on Earth, and the fine line between abundance and pain. There is a bittersweetness to these paintings and acidity to the delicate paintwork. With these subjects steeped in symbolism and heavy in purpose, Katy has explored her relationship with mental health, her escapism mixed with her submission.

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