Artworks by Lee McCarthy

Lee McCarthy

For as long as I can remember I have always loved art. Whenever I had a chance I would get out my pencils and paper and sketch. Through my school years I never really thought about what I wanted to become but I always loved the art class and I always put in 100 per cent and took things a little further and the teachers were very encouraging and always liked my work.

Inspiration can come from anywhere or anytime, anyplace. I find my ideas and inspiration comes to me mostly when I am about to sleep at night. I will be lying there and many ideas will race through my mind and I'll have to jump up and note things down or do a quick sketch so I can then put them into practice when I next paint. Sometimes I will just jump up to put on my overalls and paint into the early hours because I can’t wait till the next day.
Art is my passion which is with me every single day and I couldn't think of anything more exciting to do and feel very lucky that I can do something that I love.

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