It is with great sadness that we must inform you that Philippe passed away suddenly, at the age of 54.

Philippe died in July 2015 of a sudden heart attack. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Philippe was well known for his contemporary abstract paintings and his unique experimental technique, the art world has lost a true talent and his legacy will, of course, live on through his artworks. Stock is now limited to what he has left behind in his studio.

Smart Gallery is honoured to be chosen by Philippe’s family to have exclusivity to display and sell his artworks from our Redbrick Gallery beginning Friday 18th May. Please contact either gallery for more information

Contemporary artist Philippe lived and worked in Manchester. He grew up in Stockport and was influenced by L S Lowry to go to Salford College of Art at the age of sixteen. Winning a scholarship, on the grounds of exceptional talent, he attended Chelsea School of Art in 1980. Lectured, amongst others, by David Hockney, he won the 1st Time Out International Video Festival Award and made significant strides in developing his own style and methodology.

Additional success quickly followed, with shows in Los Angeles and Sotherby's, in London. This was interspersed with trips to Spain, the USA and Paris, all the while absorbing techniques and applying them in a variety of media. A firm believer in ‘learning by doing' he taught at Stockport College of Art for several years before taking the plunge and deciding to paint full-time in the early 90's.

Philippe saw artistic life as a journey of discovery and he consistently explored and challenged himself to greater heights of expression. His most recent work, painted just before he passed away, reflects natural forces at work and was inspired to a large degree by macro and microscopic images from the human body. It was the subject of a BBC 40 Minutes documentary and a book on his life and work.

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