Ryan Larvin

Ryan Larvin was born in England, Yorkshire, Bradford, in 1978. At the age of 24, he moved to Leeds, Headingley where he stayed for 7 years before finally settling in Woodville Kawartha lakes. Today my work is exhibited throughout Galleries in Yorkshire, Scotland, Southern England,  the Durham region and Toronto.

I love to blend colours using acrylic and a wide range of brushes, I describe my work as fun! Colourful! And eye-catching! They relate to everyone and it gives people a happy feeling. There’s always a story in my paintings, people will look at them and see a stick man chasing another stick man or a stick boy climbing a tree or being pulled away by a heart balloon on to a cloud, a smile often springs to mind. This all relates to everyday life but in a fun, colourful, dream-like world.

I’ve been inspired by many artists such as past masters like M.C. Esher, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and present artists such as Doug Hyde, Derrick Fielding and David Renshaw.

My biggest inspiration would be my imagination.

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