Silvia Boev

From an early age, growing up in communist Bulgaria, Silvia was inspired by art and bold colours. Breaking her foot as a child gave her the time, space, focus and most especially pain to motivate a start into painting and a blossoming love of art. Unfortunately, her parents saw no future in fine art as a career, resulting in Silvia matriculating in Architecture.

Having moved to England as a young teenager, Silvia’s sense of belonging was rather shaken so she set off to explore the world and travel. Inspired by the azure blue seas and coral reefs of Australia, she settled in Sydney for a decade and owned a successful corporate interiors and construction management company. In a pursuit to express beyond the boundaries of concrete, brick, steel and glass, her designs were bold, bright and visually striking.

Silvia’s art was born from her interiors, in her struggle to find the ‘right’ art to complement her design vision for the spaces she was creating. As an interior designer, she creates a painting with the 3-dimensional realm in mind. Her artwork is abstract and stands firmly in its own right, yet it is not meant to be stand-alone; it is created to complete a particular space or for a space to fit around it.

Silvia is a relative newcomer to the English art scene. She made a life-changing decision to leave her company and glamorous expat lifestyle on Sydney Harbour, to return to England for family and in pursuit of her interest in art.

Having widely travelled and lived in England, Bulgaria and Australia, her inspiration comes from her existence as a 'happy nomad' which she believes underlies her happiness and true existence. Her interest in the power of the subconscious manifests in her mystically striking paintings, which aim to provoke a positive reaction and a flow of consciousness within the observer.

Silvia’s technique creates depth through exquisite transparent layers, whilst the vivid array of intensely bright colours burst out of her paintings with explosive energy. Her coveted large-scale artworks with their organic composition and bold colours seem to have a luminous glow and a striking harmony.

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