Earth Without Art Is Just Eh! – Why Everyone Needs Art In Their Home!

Discover why everyone needs art in the home, and their life! 

Art lovers! Whatever you do, you must gird your loins and protect your ears from the critics shouting that art is nothing more than a frivolity, an aesthetic frippery that makes no impact on the people that gaze upon it. Indeed, as art lovers know, it is so very much more than that. For many, art is why they get up in the morning, the reason they can find joy in the world, the very reason they live! 

This is precisely why everyone needs art that speaks to them in their home, why they should find pieces that make their soul sing or that connect with deep emotions that otherwise do not get a chance to be experienced. 

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Indeed, many people use art to understand, relate to, process, and even experience this world that we call Earth. Conversely, without art, our lived experiences can never be anything but lacking in some way.  

Happy, if you are reading this article, you will never have to experience such a lackluster existence. Instead, you can discover the value of choosing and displaying art in your home and even pick up some tips on selecting just the right piece! 

It’s an excellent investment 

Did you know the value of David Hockney’s art has grown massively over the last few years? Thus proving that in addition to all the other valuable benefits owning art in your home can bring, it can also be a fantastic economic investment. 

Indeed, there are two ways in which art can help to increase the value of your assets. The first is to choose to invest in pieces created by a particular artist and hope that they become valuable as their career evolves.  

The good news is that at Smart Gallery, we are lucky enough to have some genuine Hockney artworks on offer. Yes, that right, not prints but sketches from the hand of the master himself. Of course, there is only a limited number of these available so, if you are looking to  have a Hockent piece adorn your home, buy now, lest you miss out! 

Not everyone has the capital to invest in OOAK pieces. The good news is that there is another way in which art can help boost your assets’ value. It is by carefully choosing prints and reproductions of work to display around your home. 

This is something that can help to create the perfect environment. Not only in which to live, but it can also appeal to those that may be interested in buying your property too. After all, correctly staging a home is one of the most important ways to guarantee a quick sale at a profitable price. Therefore carefully and matching the art you have on your walls with the people you are looking to appeal to can be a very smart tactic. 

Add interest and intrigue 

No one wants to live in a boring space, and one of the most wonderful things is that art hung on the walls of your home can create a sense of interest and intrigue. 

The best idea is to look for abstract pieces for this purpose, especially those containing shapes and patterns that refer less to realism and more to interpretation—the reason being that these help stimulate intrigue and encourage us to see things from a different perspective. 

The good news is that you will find a huge variety of stunning abstract pieces available online at Smart Gallery. Just click this link, and buy the perfect piece of abstract art today! 

Sparks conversation 

One of the best reasons we should adorn our walls with art is that it is a wonderful conversation starter. You and the other person don’t even have to agree on whether you like the style or its position. Indeed more controversial pieces of art like the ones you can find at Smart Gallery online are often the best spark for a lively debate. They, then also provide an opportunity for a meaningful interaction to follow. Although be warned such pieces tend to be one off, so if you find a great conversation starter, act before it’s too late! 

Helps us to be more productive 

Another reason everyone should hang on their wall is that it can help us be more productive. What a great piece like a good landscape does is to provide a respite for the brain. It can be used as something different to focus on and therefore acts as a cleanser or refresher. Thus, allowing us to better refocus on the work in front of us after that break. Happily you don’t have to tour the gallery’s of the land to find the perfect landscape, you don’t even have to take up the brush yourself. Instead, you can snag your ideal piece now online! 

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Self expression 

Hanging art on your wall is a wonderful way to express yourself without ever having to utter a word. Indeed, the art you display in your home can tell visitors a great deal about you, including your values, your taste, your love of culture, and even your particular interests.  

Emotional expression and healing 

Displaying art on your walls can also be a great reminder of the things you love and value, especially amid a difficult time. Therefore providing emotional solace and support within your living environment. 

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Gives our space a focal point (Other than the TV) 

If you are sick of the TV being the focal point of your living room, then the next reason that everyone should have art in their home will please you no end. Yes, that’s right, you have guessed it, a beautiful piece of art that makes the perfect focal point for a room. That means you can arrange the furniture in your space around your art piece, making sure it is central to the room’s dynamic. 

That is not to say you cannot have a TV in the room. Instead, it’s all about changing the focus from technology to something more aesthetic and timeless. Indeed by making this shift, you can create a much calmer and more mindful space- one that in the constant hustle and bustle of the modern world is a true pleasure to inhabit.  

Reminds us of happy and significant experiences 

The final reason everyone should display art in their home is that it can act as a wonderful reminder of either a significant experience or a particularly happy time in our lives.

For example, you may have received a piece of art as a gift on a special occasion such as your wedding day, graduation, or when you received a promotion. Therefore, you will be regularly reminded of the good times and your personal successes by displaying it on the wall. Indeed, can’t we all do with a little reminder of the good things in life in the space where we spend the most time, our homes? 

After all, the Earth (your home & your life) can only ever be just ”Eh,” without art! 

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