Graham Short Exhibition- The creator of the worlds smallest engravings!

Graham Short

Smart Gallery are excited to announce that Graham will be here in the gallery for an exclusive exhibition on Thursday 10th May 12

Due to this being such a prestigious event, there is limited availablity on attendance. This will be by invitation only, so please call the gallery on 01924 455445 to secure your invite.

watch this video clip of Graham on the discovery channel talking about his technique.

Known as “the world’s smallest engraver” for his miniature masterpieces, Graham Short has spent almost 50 years honing his craft, going to physical and mental extremes to produce the highest-quality engravings in the world.

His minature masterpieces include ‘cutting edge’ (the words ‘nothing is impossible’engraved on the sharp edge of a razor blade) and ‘The lords prayer’ engraved on the head of a gold pin which can be viewed through a powerful microscope.

When working on the unimaginable intricacies of a new piece he is able to physically slow his heart rate and to become unnaturally still in order to allow his fingers to work with no distracting movements.

The media response has been overwhelming and he has become an overnight sensation. His ‘hands of genius’ have rendered this master craftsmen one of the world’s most sought after and revered living artists. He has private collectors all over the world and his works sell for tens of thousands of pounds.

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