GuigsART comes to Crimple Hall

Smart Gallery at Crimple Hall, Harrogate and Smart Gallery at Redbrick Mill, Batley are starting the new year with an exciting exhibition of Contemporary Art. Meet the artists behind the canvas and chat to them about their work to gain a greater understanding of each canvas too.

Contemporary Art certainly challenges us all, Smart Gallery has chosen one of their successful and highly accredited northern based contemporary artist, Guy “GuigsART” Wilkinson to headline this exciting and refreshing exhibition.

Guy often works on large scale installations for the interior design world however some of his favourite projects have been private commissions allowing him to work more closely with his clients. “This challenges my thought process with the final result often surprising myself, the sheer joy knowing the client has been directly involved is a very satisfying and special feeling as art is very much a personal emotion…” Guy takes bespoke to another level often using the same paint colours to compliment specific rooms, what better way to create that statement pieces for the kitchen or personalise a dramatic canvas for the entrance hall.

Throughout Guys life he has always been fixated with art, design, fashion & colour, basically anything creative that stands out from the everyday mundane. In his early twenties he was searching for a new outlet to express his creative callings, receiving a gift of a blank canvas with a set of pencils and a variety of paints led him to start experimenting with an
array of styles and techniques. Moving to London at the same time clearly fuelled his confidence, carving a style, he soon realised was quite unique and real. His style was born, abstract art gave him the freedom and expression he was searching for,

Guy explains he is not directly influenced by any other artist or person, but self inspired, he simply locks himself away in his studio with no preconceived ideas of what may happen allowing the paintings to run away with themselves. Each canvas evolves and changes with numerous layers over time, some taking up to 3 months to complete.

Moving back to his home town in Yorkshire in 2014, he finally gained the confidence from friends and family to launch himself to the public, Smart Gallery has supported and encouraged him throughout the process.

Meet Guy in the gallery on Saturday 24th February between 1pm- 3pm, at Smart Gallery Crimple Hall, Harrogate. Guy will be unveiling over 15 exclusive Originals that can be hand signed on the day, the exhibition, with new work added, will be transferred to Redbrick Mill, Batley two weeks thereafter.












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