New secondary market website for buying and selling art

Over the years, I’ve had so many clients asking me where they can sell their art that they don’t want anymore for various reasons. I’ve also had clients asking me where they can buy specific pictures that aren’t available anymore or have sold out from Galleries. Well, now I am bringing you both these options from a website called……

This business is completely separate from Smart Gallery. I set this website up some time ago, however, it’s only recently that it’s started to take off, with nearly 800 pieces of artwork available to buy directly from the seller. How it works The site is very similar to eBay but specialises only in art. If you are looking to buy art, simply view all art available online and buy directly from the seller. Initially, I suggest you have a good scroll through. Theplace4art holds your payment until you have received it in good condition and then we release it to the seller. This gives reassurance to both the buyer and seller. If you have any artwork to sell, for whatever the reason, as long as it’s in good condition, simply upload it for free, with as much information as possible, when it sells and payment is made, once the buyer receives it from you, we will make payment directly to you, minus your commission of 20%. There is lots of fabulous artwork on this site from sellers looking to move on their art, as well as individual artists and Galleries.

For more information about how ThePlace4Art works, please visit HOW IT WORKS.

I hope you like this idea and either find something different that I don’t have in my Gallery, or use it to sell artwork you may have gathering dust under your bed, and wondering how you can earn some money.

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