Charlie Chaplin

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Style: Contemporary

Subject: Figurative

Medium: Acrylic

Type: Original

Image Size: 30 x 40 Inches

Location: Redbrick Gallery

Artist Biography

Chris Oxenbury

I decided to combine my two loves comedy and painting. I'd always been fascinated by comedy especially Stand Up, the art of getting up on stage and making people laugh is the ultimate in performance to me. One person standing alone sharing their thoughts with an audience who may or may not go with them. So I thought I'd give it a try, and realised it was for me!

In comedy it's not all about the jokes, there is more to it. There is formula, timing, expression, a comedy icon is someone who can understand all these things and still make it look effortless and that is why I pay homage to my comedy heroes of the past and present.

Comedians have such great faces, lots of character; it’s a joy, as every brush stroke brings them to life and makes me smile. How do I approach my canvas? I usually walk. Once I’m there I prepare my tools, pencil, check, brushes clean, check. Coffee at my side, check.
Then I get to work pencilling I make sure I’ve got plenty of reference around me full shots, close ups. I break down my subjects into three to four shades, and then as soon as that’s done I set to work on my canvas. I prepare all my shades before hand and fill up sauce bottles, the kind you get at hot dog stands as I find that this saves time.

Once I’ve filled my palette I place brush to canvas, I like to keep it loose, I don’t like to work too neatly, I love the idea that if you go close it looks a mess, but as you step back the eye fills everything in revealing a form. To quote my mum “If you go up close they look rubbish, if you step back they look good!” Bless her.

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