Drops of Jupiter


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Style: Modern

Subject: Landscape

Medium: Glass

Type: Original

Image Size: 17 x 29 Inches

Framed: Yes

Framed Size: 21 x 33 Inches

Artist Biography

Richard King

Richard is a well-known Artist from Birmingham UK. He is a part-time art teacher with over 20 years of experience in teaching art in schools and colleges and has a master's degree in fine Art from Wolverhampton University.

All his paintings have been created from spectacular scenes witnessed first and photographed by himself then created in the studio using a unique technique of painting in which he paints backwards on the opposite side of the glass to create mesmerizing landscapes and seascapes. His unconventional method was honed after experimenting with the various surface to achieve the results he sort after. Working on glass allows him to create a softer gradient of colour and tone and a stronger range of contrast allowing him to create the vivid scenes he could not achieve on canvas.

Richard has always had a love affair with nature and turned to Turner for his inspiration for paintings of atmospheric events and light. He has been coined the Modern-day Turner on the glass. He is very passionate about ecology and has seen first hand how we have affected our own environment and wants to make people aware of the changes by showing the beauty of this planet which might be lost to future generations. There is an ongoing theme to Richards paintings (Fragile Planet) Which has become his painting objective; to seek out beautiful places which are under threat of ecological change.

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