Green Goddess

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Style: Contemporary

Subject: Figurative

Medium: Acrylic

Type: Original

Image Size: 31.5 x 24 Inches

Frame Type: Unframed

Location: Redbrick Gallery

Artist Biography

Lisa Simpson

lisa-simpsonMy inspiration comes from a very special lady in my life. Donna Gee is my 69 year old Aunt. She lives in Spain and suffers with Parkinson’s disease. Unable to do very much due to the constant tremors, she was encouraged to join a local painting group. She uses her "wrong hand" to paint with as the tremors are not quite as severe, and she has produced incredible paintings. She brought one home to me last year and encouraged me to have a go...... and the rest is history.

Painting for me is my way of escaping the real world. It is truly the only way I can switch off, drift away into dream land and let my hands and mind do the work. I often surprise myself with the designs I come up with. Friend’s say I must have a crazy brain, but I love creating something completely unusual.

Commissions are available upon request.

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