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House of Luxe Luxury Aromatherapy Essential Oil Candle

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Type: Design/Gift Ware

Luxury Aromatherapy Essential Oil Candle

Choose from:
– Total Relax candle has a soothing blend of fresh eucalyptus, beautiful geranium and sweet orange blossom. Inspired by the sophisticated scent of a luxurious spa experience.
– Total Escape candle is bursting with an uplifting blend of zesty lime, mandarin and a pinch of spicy peppercorn. Inspired by the beautiful sunrise over the dazzling tropics.
– Total Luxury candle is a sophisticated and luxurious blend of warm, earthy woods and rich spicy Amber.
– Total Desire candle is a blend of the deep, woody and earthy tones of Patchouli and the warm, sweet and exotic richness of Ylang Ylang.

Enjoy your time at home, light your candle- relax and enjoy.

Luxury natural wax candle scented with blends of pure essential oils, lovingly hand poured.

1 wick candle. Up to 40 hours of clean burning time.

Each candle comes with a stunning gift box.

A great variety of designs are available. Contact the gallery for more information.

Artist Biography

House of Luxe

House of Luxe was launched in May 2020.  We want to inform and inspire you to enjoy all things luxury lifestyle, from the everyday to the extravagant. From food and drink to homes and interiors, art and photography to health and wellbeing. We discuss luxury products and services, beauty, fashion and of course how to travel in true luxe style.

Jodie Harris is the founder of House of Luxe- a lockdown project which since the launch has quickly become a successful sales and marketing platform for lifestyle brands to connect with consumers.

Jodie brings over 20 years of sales and marketing experience to Luxe Life & Style with a real passion for connecting people.  She has an extensive background in the travel, leisure & events industry and is the owner of a luxury independent travel agency, planning anything from luxury family holidays to large corporate group incentive trips.

House of Luxe is a lifestyle inspired luxury home fragrance range which takes inspiration from those special times, places and experiences in your life.

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