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Ralph the Dog

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Medium: Alluminium

Subject: Wildlife

Style: Contemporary

Type: Design/Gift Ware

Man’s Best Friend Indeed!  Ralph is as loyal as they come. Lovingly Handmade & Ethically Recycled, Ralph is ideal if you are looking for a unique gift. He can be placed anywhere and will weather any climate beautifully, for many years.  A natural progression from the farmyard to the home. The Dogs bring an extra level of detail to the ee-i-ee-i-o collections and find pride of place in a variety of places inside and outside the home.

Dimensions (inches): 22.1 x 10.4 x 20.1 inches

Colours may vary

Artist Biography

Think Outside

From the timeless mysteries of Africa, to the ancient Asian crafts of Vietnam, then mixing in a decent helping of Australian ingenuity and creativity, and you get the wonderful, original and intriguing range from Think Outside.

Our different product categories range from the pure art that is simple and sophisticated to the highly original and uniquely quirky.

This is where the range began! It is an eclectic range of handmade sculptures that is full of fun and character. 100% derived from 44 Gallon drums it gives a fresh new look to recycling.

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