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Product Style: Traditional

Product Subject: portait

Product Medium: Giclee print on Canvas

Product Product Type: Limited Edition

Product Edition Size: 45

Product Image Size: 20 x 16 Inches

Product Framed: Yes

Product Framed Size: 32 x 28 Inches

Artist Biography

Tony Hinchliffe

I have always loved the sense of escapism that comes with creating artwork. I am passionate about exploring my creativity, constantly looking at developing my techniques so I can keep that feeling of energy within my work. When someone is emotionally moved by looking at my artwork that is a big motivation for me as I have always liked to please people through my painting.
My preferred medium is oil paint, I do sometimes create an acrylic underpainting first as I really like the way the oil paint behaves when applied over acrylic. I often dilute the oil paint down with turpentine in the initial stages and use it like watercolour.

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