Robert Lenkiewicz Exhibition Coming Soon to Smart Gallery

Smart Gallery is honoured to present this extraordinary exhibition of paintings by Robert Lenkiewicz (1941 – 2002), one of Britain’s most colourful, fascinating and talented artists. As long ago as 1973, the cover of ‘The Daily Telegraph Magazine’ summed up his career with ‘The artist as entertainer…philosopher…and social conscience.’ Always the scourge of the art establishment, Lenkiewicz lived a life with panache entirely on his own terms, creating a rich and powerful body of work on an epic scale, executed with a skill and ambition unrivalled by contemporary painters. This magnificent collection of paintings includes a handful of rare earlier pieces but draws largely on Lenkiewicz’s 1994 project ‘The Painter with Women’ – some of which have not been exhibited or previously offered for sale.

To register your interest to receive an invitation, please call the gallery on 01924 455445 or email

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