Rolf Harris The Signature Collection at Smart Gallery


Rolf Harris is unique for so many reasons. His gift for observation, his talent for communication, his enduring popularity, his enganging personality, and the consistently outstanding artwork he creates, all combine to make him stand out in the world of art.

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“He has a style which is loved and recognised the world over, and this new signature collection demonstrates yet again why that style has made him one of the world’s most celebrated artists”

With his art, Rolf himself defies categorisation, finding inspiration for his paintings in a street market, a jungle or a child’s riding lesson. While no two pictures are the same, they all share an indefinable quality which makes them quintessentailly Rolf.

What Rolf had to say about his new collection

“I’ve had a marvellous time working on these paintings. Each one of them captivated me for a different reason. The stunning clear pale blue of an outback sky outlining the shapes of the Devil’s Marbles, with the gleaming white gums and myriad grasses, or the start branches of trees about to shed their golden leaves against a backdrop of blue-grey evergreens, or the way the small figures move off into the distance on a beautiful cornish beach. All these grab me. While I love the subjects themselves, it’s the light, the colours, the composition of these scenes that held my attention in the first place, and i just HAD to get them down onto canvas in my own signature style”

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