Robert Lenkiewicz Exhibition – 5th & 6th November

Visit Smart Gallery on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th November for an outstandingly rare chance to view and purchase from a ten-piece art collection by Robert Lenkiewicz, one of England’s most celebrated artists of modern times.

The exhibition will focus on Robert’s ‘The Painter with Women’ pieces – the artist’s first collection of limited editions since copyright passed to The Lenkiewicz Foundation in 2010. The exhibition also includes a fascinating range of collectable published work from previously unseen notebooks and illustrated journals which have now been bequeathed to the Foundation.

Smart Gallery would love to share this remarkable opportunity with as many art lovers as possible – please do contact the gallery if you require more information:

Redbrick Mill, 218 Bradford Road, Batley, WF17 6JF

01924 455445


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