Stunning And Creative Ways To Display Art In Your Home

Whether you’ve invested in original paintings or you’ve purchased some limited edition prints, you will want to ensure that they are displayed in a beautiful manner within your home. Displaying artwork is an art in itself. Some pieces deserve more than simply being placed above the fireplace or knocking a nail into the wall. With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some stunning and creative ways to display art in your home. 

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Floor-to-ceiling installation

If you want to put together a collage of art that speaks to your personality and interests, the bedroom is the perfect spot in the home for this.

You can pair souvenir art from a beloved vacation with inspirational graphic art and stylish prints. The choice is yours.

Installing photographs and prints from the floor to the ceiling can create a high impact look, which is guaranteed to generate plenty of attention. 

Skip the frames

Of course, an elegant and beautiful frame is one of the best ways to hang artwork. However, if you are looking for something a little bit different, you could skip the frames altogether.

There are many different fresh and exciting takes on this trend, with the use of clipboards being a particular favourite. This works well in offices and industrial rooms within a home. 

Mix different shapes 

Unify sculptural pieces, photographs, and assorted prints with a neutral colour scheme.

You can start by experimenting with the arrangement on the floor so you get an idea of what works and doesn’t. We always advise starting with the center, and then working from here.

You can trace the shapes on kraft paper and tape to the wall before you hang your artwork. This will ensure that you have got the arrangement perfected before you start nailing your art pieces into place.

Kitchen shelves

You can dress up open shelving in your kitchen with a colourful print that will be propped up against the wall. Cutting boards and wood serving bowls can add interest to the display.

We often neglect the kitchen when it comes to decor and interesting displays, yet this is often a social hub and so it is important that the style and design impresses.

You can ensure the area is functional while having a streamlined look by teaming the colourful artwork with small stacks of simple white dishware. The options are endless, and this is definitely an idea that you can have a lot of fun with.

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Shine a light

This is an extremely simple yet highly effective method when it comes to hanging artwork. Sometimes less is more after all!

Create a high-end look with a picture light that supplies low-wattage lighting and a single piece of artwork. 

This creates a stylish edge, inviting viewers to get a closer look and showcase a beloved painting or print.

Hang in odd numbers

When decorating your home, the “rule of threes” is a good one to learn. In general, odd numbers of objects tend to be more interesting to the eye. 

If you want a casual and creative look, go for an asymmetrical arrangement. For an ordered approach, arrange odd numbers of objects symmetrically. 

Hanging in odd numbers is not only an effective technique when it comes to artwork but also when hanging diverse items such as platters, plates, and other collectibles. 

Employ an easel

Easels are not just for artists themselves; they can also act as a stylish, contemporary, and fun plinth on which you can place your most-loved pieces. 

There are many different ways you can go about this sort of arrangement. For example, you could prop a panoramic piece to overhand the edges so that it stands out even more or you could nestle the plinth into a corner, surrounded by luscious houseplants and ornaments. You may even decide that you want to group several easels together.

Sharpen with a grid

If you own a number of pieces of art that are the same size, you can create a striking effect with a geometric hang. 

Whether it is a collection of artworks from a favourite artist or a series of family photographs, ensure the hang is symmetrical and accurate. The trick is to be consistent in terms of frame colour and size and to be extremely precise with measurements. 

This approach works well in modern, neutral rooms, enabling the matching pieces or prints to really stand out. 

Overlap for effect

You can increase the impact of your artworks by making a statement with your hanging. It adds some creativity to the space, yet a considerable amount of preparation is needed to get this right.

Firstly, you will need to choose your artworks. Make sure they are coordinated in terms of colour palette and size. After this, decide on how you wish to frame and hang them. You will need to lay the pieces out and perfect the measurements to ensure that this works, otherwise, it can end up looking awkward instead of stylish. 

Think asymmetry 

Another way to display your artwork in an interesting and intriguing manner is to hang your pieces asymmetrically. This is an effective way of drawing the eye, especially when you use this as a feature within an overlooked or small space. 

This style works especially well if you have petite artworks, making the technique even easier to pull off.

Asymmetrical hanging is also beautiful when using a small space in its entirety, adding some real personality, lengthening the wall, and opening the space up.So there you have it: an insight into some of the beautiful and creative ways you can display art within your home. At my independent contemporary art gallery, I have some truly beautiful pieces of artwork for sale. So, if you are looking for the perfect piece of art for your home, please do not hesitate to get in touch for more information.

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